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Now that I'm connected to the Internet, where do I go?
How do I find good sites that interest me?
Well, just click the Place that fits you.
You’ll find our picks for the best websites in your in the "PLACE YOU WANT TO BE".

Hey, kids, look in here to find games, jokes, stories, puzzles, and fun sites just for you. KidPlace is your playground, toy chest, and bookshelf all in one! 

Finally, your own place…. Of course it’s virtual, but you can still meet cool people and get the latest on whatever you’re into—sports, current events, fashion, guys/girls…


If you’re considering college, preparing to attend, or currently enrolled, CollegePlace is your place for sites to interest you. Find great advice, funny stories, and success techniques unique to the college experience.


Resumes, interviews, promotions, boss problems, career changes—whatever your consuming career issues, you can find information (and sympathy) in the CareerPlace. 

Attention, parents: Whether you need potty training advice, kid-pleasing dinner recipes, or techniques to communicate with your teen, look in the ParentPlace. Pull your child away from the computer and play awhile yourself. 

If you are 50+, SeniorPlace is the place to find sites created specifically for you. If you want reliable health information, retirement advice, or connections to other seniors, you’ll find it in the SeniorPlace