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Kid's Place

Netscape Kids Page
Sports Illustrated for Kids
* Visually oriented with plenty of sports pictures

Kids Next Door
* Teaches children about being good citizens
EPA Explorer's Club
* Colorful, fun site put out by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
* Information, activities, puzzles, games, artwork about environmental concerns
Franklin Institute Science Museum
* Geared toward older elementary school ages
Barney and Kids
* Games and nursery rhymes for young children
Sesame Street
* Fun site for young children
Veggie Tales
* Great site for pre-kindergarteners through elementary school age
* Poetry, games, and stories for young children
Snoopy Site
* games, postcards, and links to other comics

Afro-American Kids Zone
* Wonderful site with brain teasers, myths, games
* Highlights African American culture especially, but includes myths from around the world

Sandlot Science
* Neat, interactive site with optical illusions and explanations
* Fun site with clean jokes, riddles, and puzzles for kids

* An online children’s magazine primarily composed of Victorian and turn-of-the-century fiction, poetry, jokes & riddles, nonsense, and non-fiction
Bill Nye the Science Guy
* Science experiments for kids
Whitehouse Tour
* Kids can tour the Whitehouse with Socks the cat as guide
Pet Station
* Information on common pet animals such as dogs, snakes, birds, and cats
NASA for Kids
* learn about space adventures

Christian Kids Links - This page is dedicated to linking you with Christian and other wholesome sites on the Internet.  Sites included are appropriate for kids and are devotional, educational, or just plain fun.
We Kids - Bible based fun for all of God's Children
GusTown  - hosted by Gus and the CyberBuds. The site is chock full of fun learning activities, games and the ever-popular CyberBud Club.
Kid's Domain  - game and icon downloads recommended by families and teachers, children's software reviews, online safety tips, holiday pages and contests for kids.


Infoplease Kids - facts, fun, free homework help, encyclopedia, dictionary & online reference desk.
Kayleigh's Playground - offers games involving the alphabet, numbers, colors, and more.
Kids Corner - kids art gallery, puzzles, message boards, and links to kids web sites. - inviting kids to join up for jokes, horror-scopes, site reviews, games chat and more.
KidsClick - web guide/search engine for kids by librarians.
KidWorld - from Tandem House, artwork, writing, and ideas by and for kids.
Kidz page - contains a fun, free, safe site for young kids and their families. Includes games, music, postcards, colouring pages, and other activities.
KIND News - monthly publication for kids who care about people, animals, and the Earth.
Kinetic City - join the Kinetic City Super Crew, a bunch of cool kids, and their talkative supercomputer, ALEC, for science adventures, games, and learning.
Look, Learn, and Do - learn interesting history and facts, and build fun projects with easy-to-follow, illustrated plans.
MeToo Network - a community for children featuring reviews, interviews, email, games, story and artwork submittal, and chatting.
PonyShow - learn computer skills through games, activities, stories.
Surfing the Net with Kids - a weekly review of fun, educational Web sites by Barbara Feldman, for the the San Diego Union-Tribune. - place for kids to scramble and unscramble secret messages.
Topher's Castle - features Winnie the Pooh and breakfast cereal character guides; magazines, links, and free stuff for kids, comics and cartoons, a mystery page, and more.
Wee Webbies - jokes, puzzles, stories, math and alphabet practice, and more for young children. WorldVillage Kidz - kids word search puzzles, online games, links, and more.
WWW 4 Kidz - contests change weekly. Win great prizes like books, gift certificates and more! - designed to highlight fun, educational, and safe spots for kids to visit on the Web.
Billy Bear's Playground - where kids (and parents) can learn about Billy Bear, play games, create their own storybooks, and enjoy holiday fun pages.
Bonnie's Page - fun things for kids to do on the computer.
Bright Ideas - The Sugar Bush - stories, crafts, projects and adventures for fun and education.
Ikon Kids - devoted to giving voice to the kids of the digital generation. Hear what three real- life second-graders have to say about sports, parents, video games, and life in general.