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Times and Record News  - Wichita Falls Local News Paper

Channel 3 Sports  - Wichita Falls Local NBC affiliate

Channel 6 Sports - Wichita Falls Local CBS affiliate 

Texas High School Sports - Harris Pole Ratings 

Local High Schools and Colleges

Hirschi High School        S H Rider High School        Wichita Falls High School

                         Midwestern State University              Vernon College


NCAA      Baseball   Basketball    Football   Golf     Soccer    Softball    Tennis    Volleyball


MLB     NBA    NFL         PGA       MLS    Tennis     Volleyball     Nascar


Dallas Cowboys
Dallas Cowboy Clubhouse
Dallas Morning News
Dallas Cowboys Radio Network
Dallas Cowboy Fan Club

Dallas Stars

Dallas Stars Clubhouse


Dallas Mavericks

Dallas Mavericks 

Dallas Morning News Dallas Mavericks Clubhouse


Texas Rangers 

Texas Rangers 

Dallas Morning News - Texas Rangers - Texas Rangers Clubhouse


American Airlines Center - Home of the Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Stars