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General Reference

America's Best Hospitals
AmericasDoctor- an Internet-based, health information and resource site designed to assist consumers with their health information inquiries
Ask the Nurse- was created to help People obtain & understand: Medical information, Medical Links, Help find Doctors near your homes, Medications questions, & be able to talk with a Nurse to help you better understand  your condition & or disease
Bandaids & Blackboards-Welcome! This is a site about growing up with medical problems...any ole type.
Bennygoodsport-Educating children about fitness in an approachable and entertaining way
CancerNet- A Service of the National Cancer Institute
Children's Nutrition Research Center- Defines the nutrient needs of healthy children, pregnant, and nursing women 
Complete Home Medical Guide
Dictionary of On-Line Medical Resources-Dictionary of online medical resources.
Disability and medical resource Mall. Includes animal assistance resources, vehicle accessories, books, clothing, furniture, distributors, manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, sports, recreation, travel, and much more. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Dr. Whitaker Vitamins- Natural Vitamins
General Pediatrics - info for Families and Professionals
Harvard Medical School
Health on the Net- Complete listing of Hospital and medical info.
Kids Health -Info for Families easy to read.           
Medical Reporter - Non-Profit Organization reports on medical advancements.
Online Medical Dictionary
PediaNet-A comprehensive Pediatric Health and Information Resource for parents, children, and health professionals.
Pediatric Info
Pediatrics points of interest
Reginald B. Cherry Ministries- "Helping Gods People find their Pathway to healing " 
Rescue411-This website is devoted to raising awareness about first aid and accident prevention
Soma Pharmacy -CVS Online Pharmacy
Tx Dept. of Health
Tx Medical Center -Hospitals, Medical &Nursing school...
US Dept. of Health and Human Services
Wayne State Neurology-Links to neurological sites. Information on strokes, head injury, MS, epilepsy, neuromuscular disease, and myasthenia gravis.