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American Family Association - AFA stands for traditional family values, focusing primarily on the influence of television and other media - including pornography - on our society.
Christian Family Network - To advance Christ-centered values, restore morality and protect life for the individual, family, and community.
Concerned Women for America - CWA is the nation's largest pro-family women's organization, with more than half a million members.
Focus on the Family - Provides audio from the Focus on the Family radio broadcasts as well as plenty of articles and resources for every one in the family.
Family Life - "Timeless Principles for your Marriage and Family"
National Center for Fathering - In response to the dramatic trend toward the fatherless growth in America, the Center was founded in 1990 by Dr. Ken Canfield to conduct research on fathers and fathering and to develop practical resources for dads in nearly every fathering situation.
Parenting.Org - The Official Website on Common Sense Parenting.
Promise Keepers - Challenging men to become better husbands and fathers through faith in Christ.
Women's Ministry Network - Exists to enhance the efforts of Christian women and organizations whose calling is to evangelize, build-up, or mobilize women across the globe, for the sake of the Gospel.  This may be the premiere source for ideas,  resources, and information exchange among Christian women and ministry organizations worldwide.
Women Today Online - By providing information, resources and opportunities to network with other women, Women Today stimulates women to grow spiritually, and to use their abilities, experience and ideas to help change the world.