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Christian Perspective on Education

American Family Policy Institute-Teaching right from wrong in the age of tolerance and diversity
Christian Education Online-Provides a national forum for exchanging ideas and information about issues, products and services of interest to administrators and educators of Christian schools.
Educational Research Analysts-Reviews public school textbooks from a conservative, Christian perspective
Education Reporter-A publication of Eagle Forum that supports parents' rights in education, as well as reports what's happening in education across the country.
On the Way to School -- A Citizen's Guide to School Reform
National Center for Policy Analysis
Center for Education Reform
Rutherford Institute
What is Outcome Based Education (OBE)

Home Schooling

Biblical Foundations for Christian Homeschooling
Covenant Home Curriculum
Homeschool Gazette,
Home School Page
King's Harvest: Homeschoolers Serving Homeschoolers
Sonlight Curriculum