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Wichita Falls Car Dealers - This listing is from Times and Record News Online auto section. 


Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports -This Web site is dedicated exclusively to one topic involving Consumers Union (CU), the publisher of Consumer Reports magazine -- the risk of rollover in some sport-utility vehicles and CU's testing for such risks.
Consumer Reports Buying and Leasing Tips and Information - Consumer Reports Magazine announced the publication of its 1997 automotive issue. The magazine offered consumers a taste of what they can expect in the issue when they published a series of press  releases that provide consumers with important information on a range of topics
Auto Channel Archive - 18 March 1997-Send questions, comments, and suggestions to The Auto Channel
Welcome to Consumer Reports® Auto Insurance Price Service -Consumer Reports Auto Insurance Price Service's reports compare up to 25 low-cost policies. Take control of costs, see our 5-step insurance makeover. Find the company that's competing for your business.
Consumer Reports' Top Auto Picks-The Best of the Best--Consumer Reports' Top Picks: These Cars, Trucks, and Vans Pull Away from the Pack; Categorically Magazine's Top - Choices List Taps Mercedes E320 "Best Regardless of Price" YONKERS, NY - Again in this year's annual Auto Issue, Consumer Reports magazine has focused special attention on vehicles that stand out in certain categories, earning them the distinction: "Best of...
Consumer Reports Explains New Car Price Service-Consumer Reports New Car Price Service Helps Close Leasing Loopholes: Consumers can look to the Federal Government for help next October-or they can turn to Consumer Reports now!
Microsoft CarPoint - Browse BestOfTheBest-Consumer Reports' Top Picks experts' choices Volkswagen Passat is the Family Sedan Top Pick for 1999, the first model to beat the Toyota Camry since 1983.
Consumer Reports Survey: How Often is it in the Shop? -consumer Reports Spots Old-Car Problems, Pluses Trouble Summaries, Frequency-of-Repair Charts Guide Used and New Buyers YONKERS, NY - The troubles of 604,000 cars, minivans, pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles (SUVs) may aggravate - even infuriate - their owners, but on the pages of Consumer Reports' annual April Auto issue they serve to educate a buying public.
Consumer Reports Survey: Comfort, Convenience, and Cupholders  -For the first time, Consumer Reports readers rate auto comfort and convenience Just how important are driving position or a cupholder? YONKERS, NY- For the first time this year, Consumer Reports asked its readers to assess the overall comfort and convenience of their cars.
Consumer Reports | Cars & trucks-Ask yourself these questions before buying a used car We've done the test driving for you. And we  know how hundreds of thousands of cars performed.
Highway Safety-Non-profit organization research group dedicated to reducing highway crashes deaths, injuries and losses.


Auto Manufactures
Land Rover
Mercedes Benz
Rolls Royce


Classic Car/ Antiques

Classic Car Clubs-All Models
Classic Car Museums - Find One Near You
ClassicNet- features Classics, Antiques, Muscle Cars, Hot Rods,
Customs, Sports Cars & Exotics
Classic Showcase-Dreams For Sale the Grey Poupon
Highway One Classic Autos-Virtual showroom
MG The Classic Marque-News, owners, clubs, dealers
Net Classics-Ford Fascination
Christian Rods & Customs We are a Christian car club with many chapters in
 Southern California and others throughout the U.S. and Australia. Our page includes
 car pictures, meetings and events, newsletter, car links and membership information
Society of Automotive Historians- Club purpose, membership, events, etc.
Big Healeys-- An exploration of Austin Healey automobiles, including an interactive
catalog, timeline, picture gallery, and more.



Aftermarket On-Line - designed to provide a standard gateway to sites related to the automotive and heavy duty aftermarkets.
Auto Channel- A Complete guide to your Auto needs
Auto Connection
Auto Mall Online - covering the entire automotive industry.
Auto Town - new/used car dealers, public and dealer used car listings with pictures. Also automotive job opportunities and great gifts. listings for dealers, manufacturers, parts and used cars.
Car Lounge, The - library of all things auto on the web: makes, makers, racing products, news, info, etc.
CarExpress - nation-wide vehicle search by payment, price, state, region, dealership. - ultimate automotive page. The source for dealers and buyers to connect.
Cyber Motors - used cars and trucks, online purchase request and color digital photos taken weekly of Chicago, IL area cars.
National Auto Locator - provides web page design and a database search of used cars. Provides complete information about the selected cars, including dealer contact information.


Legends Auto Racing-Legends Cars,Legends Racing Teams,Legends Teams,Auto Racing Teams,Racing Teams,Racing Magazines,Nevada Legends,Silver State Raceway,600 Racing Inc.,Auto Racing and Racing in General.
Racer Archive -Welcome to The Racer Archive! This service is provided to the racing enthusiasts of the Internet and beyond. Here you will find information on Formula 1, Indy Car, as well as NASCAR racing.
Auto racing links by Anancyweb auto racing ©-  Comprehensive list of auto racing links, race, track, stock, car, resources, sites, pages
NetPitPass Home Page-NetPitPass has racing news, drivers, racing links, photo gallery and more!
Mohecan's Motor Sports Links -This site is basically a composition of links related to Motor Sport. The site includes links to Formula One, CART PPG, NASCAR, Australian Motor Sport and other related links