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                                      eBay logo - person-to-person transactions with no listing fee
AuctionBuy - online auctions - register to buy and sell.
Auction House of the South - collectibles, art and antiques.
Auction Hunter - browse through listings in different categories each week including: antiques, collectibles, real estate and fine art. Auctioneers can place three free listings on-line.
Auction Sales - new, refurbished, and close out products at attractive prices, including computer hardware and software.
Auctionport - offers antiques and collectibles. Services free for buyers.
Auctions Online of Golden Age - select antiques and collectibles sold via live online auction.
AuctionWare Online - computer hardware and software, collectibles, antiques and much more.
Auction Universe - person-to-person sales of antiques, collectibles, memorabilia, computers, and other goods. - offers computers, consumer electronics, travel packages, jewelry, and more with separate American and Canadian bidding.
BidFind - thousands of items indexed daily from online auction sites.
Boxlot - lets you be the Auctioneer.
Ceausescu's Fortune - online auction of automobiles, boats, residences, and clothes from the late dictator.
Online Market & Auction - categories ranging from antiques to computers
Universal Studios Online Auction Past auctions have included a life vest from Titanic, a phaser from Star Trek, the 1968 Olympic Torch, scripts from the TV Show Seinfield and much more.